Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dream Of A Polite Older Couple

A memoir of a dream narrative dreamt by yours truly of meeting a polite, somewhat elderly couple, in a somewhat ornate dreamscape, during the early morning hours of this past spring (of 2012). The dream account is an attempt to provide contemplation of the almost ineffable vestiges of mood which accompanies such an unusual oneiric experience, including, yet not limited the prospects for introspection and meta-introspection as to the dynamics of what is called 'significance', as significance is displayed and unpacked by inner acts of contemplation. Therein, an exercise is presented to attempt (in a manner that is somewhat preliminary), to grapple with the dynamics of mind, *significance itself*, and matters of sensibility, so as to foster a deeper pondering of the nature of the fuller identity of such ontological items, whether they be in dreams, or in the wakeaday realm. The format of the text does take the form of a narrative with commentary, instead of the format with any lengthy treatise with citations.

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