Friday, 31 August 2012

1000 Watt Metal Halide Bulbs

Metal halide bulbs are amongst some of the most popular bulbs in the sunlight supply industry. 1000 watt metal halide bulbs can help to provide you with versatile lighting that can be brought to you with a very low energy cost as well. As a result of using this lighting system, many are able to get great lighting for a large area using less fixtures than ever before and far less energy.

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Play with Lasers: MAKEatx ? Design Studio Tour


Name: MAKEatx
Location: Austin, Texas

Is there anything cooler than a laser? How about a laser that etches and cuts your own designs? I crashed an Etsy craft party at MAKEatx and was blown away by the possibilities. Come take a look at how you can use lasers to make corrugated cardboard cabinets, decorative etchings in wood and glass, acrylic jewelry, and more… all with a laser cutter!



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Read This Before Buying A Backyard Observatory!

Those who are driven by the desire to discover the hidden wonders of the galaxy and know more about the fascinating stars may consider getting an observatory built in their backyard. Many people pursue this hobby after retirement and spend their leisure time studying the planetary and star movements from their own observatory.

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Samsung Smart TV with Google TV on display at IFA 2012, ships 'later this year' (update: hands-on)

Samsung Smart TV with Google TV on display at IFA 2012, ships 'later this year'

It wasn't a part of Samsung's IFA 2012 press conference, but Samsung is showing off Google TV hardware for the first time since CES 2011 (pictured above), and will release a Smart TV with Google TV later this year. According to its press release and a blog post by the Google TV team, it will "enhance the Smart TV experience" with premium content from its Samsung Apps services. How exactly it will be merged we should see soon, but now that ARM chips are powering a cheaper, more conventionally built experience we figure whatever hung up the deal has been squashed. We should get an eye on it if it's anywhere on the show floor soon, as well as the Google TV box from Hisense, and Sony's NSZ-GS7 which already launched in the US and UK, but is coming to Germany, France and the Netherlands soon.

Update: We caught up with working hardware at Samsung's booth, but the device was disconnected from the internet, so we weren't able to take it for a proper spin. You can take a somewhat superficial look in our hands-on gallery below, along with the video after the break.

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Fourth of July: Making a Difference As You Celebrate Independence Day

Whether you go on a picnic, watch or set off fireworks, or barbeque at home with friends and family, make this day one to be remembered! Interacting with, spending time with, and sharing with others will more than likely be the highlight of your day. As you go about your daily festivities, consider how you will make this 4th of July one that will be important in history, not only for yourself, but for others.

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Finding Mommy 'Me Time'

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Synthetic Lawn - Making The Scenery Greener

Most of us want to get in touch with Mother Nature that is why we tend to bring and use plants as ornaments in our homes and offices. Artificial grass is perhaps the most commonly used plant when it comes to designing and covering up bare patches of land.

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Should I Put My Baby's Cord Blood in a Private Bank?

Right then and there when you deliver your baby, you'll probably be overcome with thoughts of your future along with your kid - first laughs and steps, birthday celebrations and sports events, and trips and life landmarks. Your kid ever turning out to be really ill could be the last thing in your thoughts. However, many parents do evaluate the likelihood that a serious illness might someday affect their child - and so they make a choice on the day their baby is born which may affect the physical health of their child or perhaps their other children. They're choosing to bank their baby's cord blood.

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Good Stress, Bad Stress: Is There A Difference?

Good stress. Bad stress. The two are viewed as the Superman and Lex Luger - archnemeses. Yet, is good stress different from bad stress, and does each produce a different response in the human body? Even doctors and psychologists take opposing views on the concept of good versus bad stress. A few of us are conditioned to avoid stressful situations, at all costs. But this response to the external world simply helps to create anxiety and greater stress.

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Garden Maintenance Service, What Should You Expect to Pay!

OK so you have a garden, you are very busy with work and you may also have kids, so you can't find the time to attend to the garden and do the essential lawn cutting and weed control, and before you know it the garden looks like a jungle with weeds and long grass, by this point you will be stressing out thinking how am I going to sort this garden out? First thing that will come to mind is a GARDEN SERVICES COMPANY.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer Removes the Shakes and Jitters From Footage

Pros may need more control over the process, which can be found in proDAD's more expensive offerings, but the average user should be more than pleased with the results of this software.

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Organic Gardening: 7 Things You Can Recycle to Use in Your Garden

You can save a lot of money by recycling items you would otherwise throw away and using them in your garden. Instead of paying $10-20 or more for a large pot, throw down an old tire and fill it with soil. This article lists seven things you can recycle for use in your flower or vegetable garden.

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Making an Impact at the Next Party In a Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter costume choices have become incredibly popular. Here's some examples for men, women, teens, and children.

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Scrapbooking for Beginners - Knowing Your Limits

Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby and many new people begin scrapbooking everyday. However, when first beginning it is important to keep your hobby under control as it can spiral out of control quickly.

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Top Tips for Buying Car Insurance

How much you pay for car insurance is determined by many factors. These include the state where you are residing, your age, your marital status etc. Then, the vehicle that you drive also determines the amount of money you need to pay for insurance. So, every car insurance buyer must understand what his insurance covers. The final cost of the insurance is determined by several factors. For one, the insurance may or may not cover bodily injury and other legal costs when your vehicle happens to be involved in a collision that injures or kills someone.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Matthew McConaughey, Melissa McCarthy, Jonah Hill and More Invited to Join the Academy

Matthew McConaugheyA slew of our favorite celebs are going to rock the vote. Yup, it's that time of year: when a select group of Hollywood A-listers are invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture...

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A Quick Guide on How to Build a Shed

A shed is a small building that can provide homeowners with extra space to store their various odds and ends, such as garden and power tools. This structure may also be turned into a children's clubhouse and can help increase the property value of one's home. There are two ways that homeowners can Build a Shed on their property.

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Mitt Romney?s Sons Campaign for Their Father

For a campaign struggling to humanize its candidate, the Romney clan provides a camera-ready tableau for a point his advisers want to underscore: Policies aside, Mitt Romney is a successful father.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

It's a Boy for MasterChef's Graham Elliot

The celebrity chef welcomed his third son, Jedediah Lindsay, on Saturday, Elliot tells PEOPLE

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Caring for Your Bonsai

Are you looking to give optimum care for your bonsai plant? This ancient art of creating harmony between man and nature will bring peace to your life and beauty to your indoor or outdoor garden.

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Scary Halloween Invitations for Your Spooky Holiday Party

Though people can be silly during Halloween, many still choose to send scary Halloween invitations because this holiday is most known for its haunted houses and horror movies. Though finding the right invitation can sometimes seem challenging, shopping online can help. This method of shopping enables you to find the best deals on your spooky Halloween invites, which is usually the first item on any party host's to do list. It is recommended that you order you invites early, say four to six weeks in advance, so you can be sure that your guests will have plenty of time to prepare and make arrangements for your party. This is especially true if you are hosting a costume party, since your invited guests will probably need time to find the appropriate costume.

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Five Common Misconceptions About Becoming A Surrogate

Are your tubes tied? Have you given birth previously? Do you not own insurance? Do you have a job in your way? Do you have a family that doesn't support your choice to become a surrogate? Read more about five common misconceptions and frequently asked questions about becoming a surrogate.

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Jennifer Lopez Says So Long To American Idol

From Idol to idle? Not exactly: Jennifer Lopez, who announced her departure from American Idol today on co-star Ryan Seacrest?s radio show, said that ? as much as she loved the TV gig ? she just felt like she needed to ?get back to doing the other things that I do.?

That includes her singing career, which soared again after she started appearing on the reality show, and her film career, which, if we?re being honest, is still just so-so. (Although, she does voice a part in the upcoming Ice Age: Continental Drift.) The 42-year-old also told Ryan that she wanted to devote a little more time to her twins, Emme and Max, now 4. ?As the kids get a little bigger, it started feeling like it was a lot,? she explained, ?and something had to give.?

Nevertheless, Jennifer seemed genuinely ambivalent about her decision. ?When I signed on to Idol, I signed on to do one year. I ended up doing two years because I just fell so in love with the show.? Luckily for fans, this isn?t the end of the road. Jennifer said that she?d be more than happy to appear on the show again, whether as a mentor or an audience member. ?I?m always going to be here,? she promised.

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

25 Things Hollywood Has Taught Us: Part 4!

Lady Gaga, Melissa McCarthy, Lana Del ReyIt's nearing the end of the week?and the end of our lesson plan?so we hope you're still able to keep up with the all the amazing things H'wood has taught us over the...

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Get a Mars Rover of Your Own--Sort of--With This Hot Wheels Toy

NASA?s Rover landed on the red planet earlier this week, and next month a replica of the Curiosity machine will be landing in stores.

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