Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dropbox app updated with new photo sharing tools


The Dropbox for Android app just got a nice little update, and now it's even easier to share a photo or a collection of photos with friends and family. The new tools allow you to create albums from any images inside your Dropbox, and share the created albums through the Android intents system. This means any app that could forward a link somewhere -- Twitter, Google+, Facebook, GMail, etc, -- can now be used to share a folder with your albums or individual pictures inside. 

When the addressee gets your link, they are directed to the Dropbox website to view your photos, or download them to their own Dropbox. While this method is good advertising for Dropbox, it's also a bandwidth-friendly way to share a ton of photos. You can get these features (and the obligatory tweaks and fixes that come with any update) at the link above, or simply check for updates in the Google Play app if you're already using Dropbox.

Source: Dropbox blog

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