Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nikon rebrands and simplifies its cloud photo storage as Image Space

Nikon rebrands its cloud photo storage as Image Space

Not many of us would say Nikon's MyPicturetown caught on as an online image service -- that name certainly didn't help much. The camera maker is hoping to spark some new life this month with the relaunch of its photo cloud as Nikon Image Space. Thankfully, it's a lot more than a more elegant title, as Nikon is promising a simpler interface as well as tighter integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. All access is free, although the level of service depends on loyalty: just 2GB of space is available to anyone, while those who want a more tightly controlled 20GB account will need to prove they own a Nikon camera. Photographers willing to give the reborn service a chance will have to wait until the Image Space launch on January 28th, but those already onside with MyPicturetown will have their photos transferred for free.

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