Thursday, 31 May 2012

Which Celeb Swept Blake Lively Off Her Feet? (Hint: It Ain't Ryan Reynolds!)

Recognize the RevelerWere her feet hurting or something? Last night in New York City, Blake Lively got a lift while leaving an exclusive party. The Gossip Girl starlet was carried away from the...

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Dell's Ivy Bridge Latitude Laptops Offer 32.7 Hours Battery Life

Dell on Thursday announced Latitude business laptops with Intel's latest Core processors that can provide around 33 hours of battery life, but only when combined...

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OCZ Equips New Agility 4 Series Solid State Drives with Everest 2 Controller

OCZ Technology is continuing to blitz the solid state drive market with new models, the latest being the Agility 4 Series, which the company claims strikes an "ideal balance" of SATA 6Gbps speed, IOPS performance, and enterprise-grade endurance and reliability," all while maintaining cost-friendly price points. The Agility 4 Series is powered...

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Richard Branson's Gorgeous Water Filter Would Fit Nicely in His Space Ship [Water]

Trying to predict Richard Branson's next business move is harder than winning the lottery. The man has conquered media, the airlines, and has now set his sights on your kitchen sink with his new Virgin Pure water filtration unit that promises a better H2O experience. More »

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Film Photography?s Revival in a Digital World

Film photography is having another moment in the sun, thanks to companies like Lomography and the Impossible Project, which are resurrecting this seemingly archaic art for enthusiastic hobbyists.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Philips Fidelio L1 Over-Ear Headphones Daily Tech Find

PhillipsFidelio.jpgPhilips Fidelio Headphones
Philips USA

Even before you put the Fidelio onto your head, it's evident these semi-open back headphones are a cut above the competition in its price category: super soft memory foam swivel ear pads, lightweight aluminum arms and metal hardware, and a fabric line cable designed to avoid tangles. Philips did not cut corners. Then you put them on and realize the balance of construction is matched by the quality of the natural soundstage these headphones can put out...


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Thousands of iPad Apps Is that All it Has to Offer?

The mad rush to get hold of an iPad certainly led a lot of people to believe that this nifty little gadget would put a smart phone to shame. The fact that users would be able to get thousands of apps on their iPad might have had something to do with craze and Apple did make it one of the selling points about the device. Apple marketed the iPad as having specifically designed apps and that these ranged from leisure [...]

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Fedora Linux 17 'Beefy Miracle' Makes Its Official Debut

Offering more than 60 new features, this free new OS has much to offer business users.

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Robert Pattinson's Big Cannes Cosmopolis Premiere: Did Kristen Stewart Show Up?!

Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart�had her day in the�Cannes�spotlight on Wednesday (when she wowed�for the premiere of her film,�On the Road), but today is all about�Robert...

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