Saturday, 3 November 2012

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening can be a rich and rewarding pursuit, and in and of itself is not overly difficult to begin. However, indoor gardeners have much more to consider than season and weather, because with indoor gardens, the gardener is responsible for maintaining all aspects of a healthy environment for the plants, from soil nutrition to sunlight supply, humidity to temperature, water supply to adequate drainage. When starting an indoor garden, the gardener may find that the plants, especially the delicate ones, need more than regular water and a window facing adequate sunlight. In this article, we will discuss the extra steps you can take to develop a healthy, well cared for indoor garden. Indoor plants may have unique lighting requirements when kept inside. Besides that, with proper lighting you can extend your grow season for your indoor garden from seasonal to year round. The Hortilux grow bulb touts itself as one of the leading grow bulbs on the market, both for the variety of types of lighting available and for being environmentally friendly.

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