Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments is a company that manufactures instruments used for analysis. It was first started in Italy in 1978 by Oscar and Ann Nardo. The company has grown vastly since its creation and now has over sixty subsidiaries in forty three countries. The company now offers over three thousand products. Its main headquarters is located in Rhode Island. The company also has manufacturing sites located in the United States in Romania. The company also has sales and technical service offices in many different countries including South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, India, Morocco and Brazil. The goal of Hanna Instruments is to provide its customers with affordable supplies for their testing needs. They also aim to provide simple and affordable solutions for testing needs as well. In 1986, Hanna Instruments introduced the pHep, or the pH electronic paper which allowed people to test for pH in a very simple way which was also accurate and very affordable. The company still continues to practice that philosophy today.

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